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Research Team


Senior Fellow: Benjamin Perks

Benjamin Perks is a Senior Fellow in the Jubilee Centre. Benjamin is a diplomat specializing in human rights in low and middle income countries. 

Research Fellow: Dr Liz Gulliford

Liz’s doctoral thesis is an interdisciplinary evaluation of positive psychological approaches to strengths and virtues, from Queens’ College, Cambridge.

Research Fellow: Dr Daniel Moulin-Stożek 

Dr Daniel Moulin-Stożek joined the Jubilee Centre as a Research Fellow in September 2017. Daniel studied Educational Research Methodology and Educational Studies at the University of Oxford. 

Research Fellow: Dr Panos Paris

Panos joined the Jubilee Centre in September 2017. He recently completed his PhD in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews. His research interests are in aesthetics and ethics, as well as the relationship between these realms of value.

Research Fellow: Dr Catherine Darnell

Catherine joined the Jubilee Centre as a Research Fellow in September 2017. Prior to joining the Centre Catherine worked as a teaching fellow at the University of Birmingham's School of Psychology lecturing on the modules Adolescent Mind and Brain and Introduction to Developmental Psychology. 

Research Fellow: Dr Stephen Earl

Stephen joined the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues in September 2017. His PhD research focused on secondary school education with young adolescents. Stephen also worked as a graduate teaching assistant and sessional lecturer in Sports Psychology and attained a PGCHE teaching qualification during his time at Kent. 

Research Fellow: Dr Katy Dineen

Katy joined the Jubilee Centre in October 2017. She has a PhD from the London School of Economics and her interests include character education, as well as Kantian and Aristotelian accounts of virtue and character.  

Research Fellow: Francisco Moller

Francisco Moller is a Research Fellow in the Centre. He works as a data analyst contributing to projects across the Centre.

Research Fellow: Michael Fullard

Michael has recently joined the Jubilee Centre as a Research Fellow. He has 9 years' experience working as a primary school teacher. Michael aims to contribute to the development of character education within UK schools, an area he believes is vital to the development of young people today.

Research Fellow: Paul Watts

Paul joined the Jubilee Centre as a Research Fellow in September 2017. Paul has four years’ experience working as a teacher and member of the senior leadership team at a primary school. He has assumed the role of mathematics and English subject leader during this time and has also worked with schools in his Local Education Authority as a Leading Teacher, supporting teachers with planning, teaching and assessment. 

Research Associate and Impact Officer: Joseph Ward

As Research Associate and Impact Officer in the Centre, Joseph works with the Centre’s research team to support the delivery of Centre strategies for impact, influence and communication activities. He is undertaking a PhD at the University of Birmingham.

Research Associate: Jason Metcalfe

Jason joined the Jubilee Centre in September 2017 as a Research Associate. Prior to joining the Centre, Jason worked in secondary education as a teacher of Religious Education, History and Geography within three schools across Birmingham and Solihull. In his last school, he was also a PSHE Co-ordinator, and was responsible for designing and implementing a PSHE programme which focused on the development of virtues across groups in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.