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Research Fellow: Dr Yan Huo (Huo Yan)

Yan has a cross-cultural background. She blends business research interest with an interest in moral philosophies and her research focus is currently on this multidisciplinary arena. Yan’s doctoral thesis is an exploration of the meaning of ethical consumption from a Chinese perspective.  In this research, Yan examined the underpinnings of consumer ethics from a Chinese Confucian moral vison and compared it with the major Western moral philosophies (namely virtue ethics, deontology and consequentialism).

Yan joined the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues as a Research Fellow in January 2017(having originally worked on a part-time basis from October to December, 2016). She is currently working on the Virtuous Character in Business & Finance project, which explores the ethics of business students and professionals in the UK. The project examines what first-year and third-year students, and alumni, of British business schools say about character and virtues in the business and finance professions. It also examines the extent to which such students and alumni draw on virtue-based reasoning when confronted with ethical dilemmas. Finally, it aims to elicit practical and relevant implications for business-ethics education.

Contact Details

Telephone: 0121 415 8077

Room 1239
12th Floor (West) Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

  • PhD in Business and Management, University of Gloucestershire (PhD degree awarded Nov. 2016)
  • MSc Marketing Management with Merit, University of Gloucestershire (Master degree awarded Sept. 2010)
  • B.A. English Literature, Tourism Institute of Beijing Union University (Bachelor degree awarded Jun. 2008)
Publications/Conference Presentations
  • Ethical consumer Conference: Ethical Consumer Magazine (2016) URL: 
  • Huo, Yan, Wang Xian, (2014) Key Factors impeding ethical consumption behaviour: an exploratory study in a Chinese context. (Conference paper) presented at ICCMI 2nd International Conference in Athens, Greece.
  • Re-Conceptualizing Ethical Consumption: A Chinese Perspective (2014), presented at CCRI Winter School, Countryside and Community Research Institute.
  • The investigation of attitude-behaviour gap in ethical consumption (2013); presented at the PGR Conference, at the University of Gloucestershire.