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Online Learning

The Jubilee Centre seeks to provides its audiences with as many different and engaging ways to interact with its work and resources as possible. Online Learning is a growing area of development in Higher Education, and one which the Centre seeks to actively engage with. Find out more about key Online Learning opportunities, including an MA in Character Education and a short free online course,below:

MA in Character Education       Apply Now

The School of Education at the University of Birmingham has launched an exciting new MA in Character Education.

This distance learning programme will commence in September 2016; taught by expert members of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. You can apply for a place now.

This MA programme, the first of its kind, will give students across the globe access to the latest research on character education and equip them with the tools to enable them to subsume it into their own practice. The programme will enhance cross-cultural knowledge, understanding and learning about the theory and practice of character education, bringing benefits to both individuals and societies. The design of the programme will allow room for student to student, and student to teacher, debate, dialogue and critical analysis of the link between character virtues and individual and societal flourishing. 

The programme will provide students with a broad multidisciplinary knowledge and understanding of how key theories in psychology, philosophy and education inform planning, administration, policy and professional practice. Through modules including various forms of assessment, and dedicated personal tutorial support, students will learn to critically evaluate education research from theoretical and methodological perspectives in order to contribute to character education, and will gain fundamental skills in data analysis and critical thinking, which can be applied to their own professional contexts. 

This programme is aimed primarily at those looking to establish new, or enhance existing, knowledge and skills in the field of character education. Studying at a distance means students can learn from anywhere, such as at home or in the workplace, in the UK or overseas.

Modules on the programme will include:

Research Methods in Character Education

Theories of Character, Virtues and Flourishing

Interventions in Character Education

School and Organisational Approaches to Character Education

History and Politics of Character Education

The Virtuous Practitioner

Further details of the programme and how to apply are available on the course page. To find out more please contact Dr Tom Harrison on / 0121 4144812

Building Character through Youth Social Action

The Centre's free online course, entitled, ‘Building Character through Youth Social Action’ provides an opportunity to learn about the history of social action, and how youth social action can help build character in young people.  The activities young people do to help others and the environment is becoming increasingly recognised as a way to improve communities and develop young people’s characters. Educational institutions, businesses, voluntary organisations and governments are investing in social action to provide opportunities to young people of all backgrounds. On this course, which runs over two weeks, you will explore the historical and theoretical roots of youth social action, and learn how social action can be a journey for young people, helping them build their character and confidence.

This course is delivered in partnership with the University of Birmingham and FutureLearn and is open for anyone with an interest in youth work and working with young people. Active participation is encouraged, with the FutureLearn platform providing message boards and discussion topics throughout the two-week course.

The course runs between 12th and 26th June 2017 – Registration is now open

What is Character? Virtue Ethics in Education

The Centre's free online course 'What is Character? Virtue Ethics in Education' provides an introduction to not only the Centre's work, but also the wider debates in the field of character and character education. Running for two weeks, the course explores virtues and the role they play in helping both individuals and society flourish. Tapping into an increasing interest in character education and answering important questions such as, what is character and character education, why is it important and can it be taught?, the course draws on insights from leading experts at the Jubilee Centre, as well as hearing from practitioners with first-hand experience of the transformative power of implementing character education in day-to-day practices within a school. The course is delivered in partnership with the University of Birmingham and FutureLearn and anyone is eligible to sign up. Active participation is encouraged, with the FutureLearn platform providing message boards and discussion topics throughout the two-week course. The course will next run on 23rd October 2017 - you can sign up to take part here.